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Unihorn - Mount'n Peak (The Pointy Tongued One)

Unihorn - Mount'n Peak (The Pointy Tongued One)

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Mount’n Peak The Pointy Tongue One that swirls!

When it comes to pleasure, everyone has their own individual pleasure peak, and this heavenly vibe is sure to find yours. From its sensuous soft body and pointy tongue to its deliciously swirling tongue, this enchanting steed has everything you need to take you from teasing to thrilling in just a few buttons.

  • Super powerful
  • 20 mix ‘n’ match pleasure settings
  • Water resistant
  • Super soft body safe silicone
  • Deluxe dual motor
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Customer Reviews

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Didn't buy it on this site but ouch. Maybe I'm too sensitive, but pointy is damn right! Even on the lowest setting it feels like too much in the beginning, but becomes more tolerable after a good bit of warming up.

Not my cup of tea, wich is sad as it's not cheap, could be for someone who really likes pin point direct sensations.

The vibrator is fine, strong enough for a small vibe, but only three intensities after that you got about 6 or 7 patterns you have to cycle through to reach again. It is more of a buzzing than a rumble, but that makes sense when considering it's size. Also, the vibrations come from the unicorn's butt, so you would have to choose wich end to use.

Other than that it is a visually great toy, great color, really cute, of course, and really puts the toy in sextoy. The silicone feels premium, it's really soft and non sticky. I also didn't notice it getting hot after use wich is a good sign. Be careful though it's got a very specific charging cable and you don't wanna lose it.

It's cuteness almost has me wanting to go against my better judgement and get the other two... almost